The Shepherd Group Method



Sit down and tell us what you’re about.
The first step in the journey toward your ideal home or development is a sit down meeting to figure out what you want. What is your vision? What are your logistical concerns such as budget, dimensions and preferences? We want to know what you want to accomplish so we can develop the concepts that will shape the project from the architect’s first sketches to the day you walk through the door of your new home.




Shape the project to your wishes and goals.
Equipped with ideas from our initial consultation, this is the opportunity for you to make sure that we prioritize the things you want out of your building project. After our initial meeting, take a few days to reflect on what your new home or development means to you and everyone involved. Many of our favorite custom homes begin as a packet of loose ideas, images cut from magazines or printed from websites, and pictures of other homes that speak to our clients. When it comes to neighborhood developments, this is a chance to talk to key stakeholders who may have input that will become essential to the success of the project.




Finalize your concept and contract.
At this stage, we either work with your architect or call in our architectural partner, Paradigm Design, to tangibly design your home or development. Paradigm has spent nearly a decade designing homes for some of the Houston area’s top builders and most discerning clients, and combined with our expertise from building more than 500 homes, your ideas are refined into a beautiful, architecturally sensitive blueprint that operates within your budget.

As this blueprint falls into place, we engage the rest of the design team: landscape artists, interior designers, and vendors of everything from flooring to appliances. We help you refine the big picture and manage the moving parts that will bring it all together.

With the right guidance, this step is where our clients can have a lot of fun! Designing your project is a great joy for both you and us, and with The Shepherd Group leading the way, we will make sure your vision comes to life.




From Paper to Practice.
Once the design is established, building begins. As we’re building new homes and developments, we continue to meet your needs during the process to avoid surprises at the end of the project, and incorporating touches as the development materializes.




The Final Walkthrough
The final walk-through of your project follows a punch list that we have developed through our decades of homebuilding experience. We check off on every aspect of the build and note any last-minute adjustments that may be needed in paint, finishes, or other small details. When the new construction walk-through is complete, you are ready to move into your new home.

Our builder homeowner relationship continues after the new home process is finished. Immediately after construction completion, we provide you with a manual that thoroughly details all ongoing maintenance. We honor a one-year warranty, and are always there for you if you need some advice or a direct referral to a vendor to resolve issues with HVAC, plumbing, or other problems that may arise as your construction settles. No matter what happens, we’ll pick up the phone for you.